Finding opportunities through human-centered design.

Your needs are different. Different from other businesses and other teams. We provide exactly the services you need, assembled from the best industry practices.

We’re a supplemental team providing guaranteed increases in the metrics that matter to your business.

Customer & User Experience

After an initial assessment with a member of our team, we’ll provide a service breakdown along with what materials you’ll get and when you’ll get them. The best engagements are for at least three months with the expectation that you’ll see so much value you’ll work with us for years to come.

Our process serves as a framework that we custom-fit to the needs of each client and project. Our principles are rooted in proven methods, disciplines, and industry best practices.
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We investigate the problem, define the project vision and goals, and create a strategy, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned.

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Insights based on real data are critical. We conduct market and user research to challenge assumptions and inform product decisions going forward.

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Define & Explore

Based on the research, we define requirements, identify opportunities for innovation, brainstorm various solutions that satisfy both business and user needs.

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Prototype & Test

We create prototypes to gather feedback and test solutions with users. This allows us to validate or invalidate concepts, identify issues and further understand user behaviour.

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Refine Design

Once we’ve reached an evidence-based solution, we refine the design and ensure it is consistent and cohesive with your brand. Design assets, systems and specs are then prepared for implementation.
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Build & Launch

Once the final design is approved, we work with developers to implement the solutions. We maintain communication with all the necessary teams to ensure a smooth launch.
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Maintenance & Growth

After launch, we continue to gather and analyze data from the live product and solicit user feedback. We keep refining and improving the product, key metrics and growth.

Benefits of ongoing design research

Design decisions are based on evidence – not assumptions. Research validates your branding, collateral, and interface design decisions with the audience you intend to provide value for.
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Research allows you to prioritize what is most important for your users and your product team. Finding the right feature for the right audience at the right time – built the right way.
It places humans at the centre of the process. Reminding all team members that their role is to provide value for actual people. People with jobs to do, pains to be solved, and gains to be made.
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This work improves organic growth, customer retention, conversion rates, and enforces brand values. It reduces production costs and increases development speed by focusing on core issues and identifying friction points. It even reduces customer support costs.

Reduce churn or increase referrals? If you’re not sure what to prioritize, we can help.

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