A brand new, sixteen year old company.

Since July of 2007 we’ve been planning, building, and launching digital products and services. After time away, we are a new company — with new skills, a new outlook, and new value for our clients.
We’ve expanded our services to include customer experience guidance at all brand touchpoints – software user experience and beyond. All of our services include granular user knowledge as the basis for all decisions.

Who We Are

We’re a network of people from the fields of design, research, education, user experience, and computer science. Fully remote, our homes are in Canada, Mexico, the U.S. and the U.K.

Transmitter Studios owner & director Adam Leon’s experience over the last twenty-five years includes guiding businesses to clear value propositions and high standards of user experience.


  • Conceived, planned, and built an engine of ongoing user insights to directly inform the value of features built into a marketplace with millions of dollars in daily transactions.
  • Achieved first organic result for a retail store’s top brands – an SEO campaign success that lasted years.
  • Created online materials that drove donations for an educational charity – for a year over year increase of 150%
  • Planned, designed, and built a mobile app that helped sell hundreds of tickets for an NHL team.
  • Strategized and built a web app foundation that is still used a decade later for a community of over 10k members
  • Built an interactive sales tool for a team of hundreds, used by one of America’s largest ATM software providers.
  • Guided hundreds of businesses to improve their online materials to educate, inform, and drive the right audience to the right service.

Just a few of the great teams that we've worked with.

Urban Strategies Inc.
“Adam and his team at Transmitter Studios continue to exceed our expectations. Acting as advisors and developers for a variety of Urban Strategies Inc.'s web-based communications, they are creative, meticulous, and a pleasure to work with.”
Mary Castel
Principal, Business Development + Marketing. Urban Strategies Inc.
Schools Without Borders
“Transmitter was able to see our idea from concept to implementation phase with great clarity and detail. Open lines of communication and a flexible working style allowed us to deliver a final product that ended up raising our organization nearly 4 million Aeroplan miles!”
Julian Caspari
Managing Director, Schools Without Borders
“Adam has been a saving grace for all my web needs. From our website at Grace Restaurant to our new Events by Grace, the transition and design has been flawless. I highly recommend Transmitter Studios and Adam – his attention to detail and his talent are superb.”
Lesle Gibson
Owner, Grace Restaurant and Events By Grace
Detroit Red Wings
CInderbloc logo
Humber College
Human Brand Experience Group
The Economic Club of Canada
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Create better value for your customers through ongoing collaboration.

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